Montessori Home Learning Wooden Toys, Products & Materials for Toddlers in Canada

We (Rosie and Tara) created Aspiring Montessori to help parents feel confident that they are giving their little ones just what they need for joyful learning and skill development every step of the way.

Our products help parents support their child’s learning and development using the scientifically proven learning method of Dr. Maria Montessori. Detailed instruction sheets provide all the information you need to successfully introduce each new item to your child.

As Montessori parents, advocates, and educators, we fell in love with Montessori at the very first sight. We have witnessed children benefit in so many ways because of their Montessori educational experiences. Learning, academic ability, compassion, and self-motivation are all qualities that are attained from this superb form of learning.

We became Montessori teachers in part due to our deep appreciation and respect for the child. The Montessori environment cultivates the child’s independence and desire for a lifetime love of learning. Dr. Montessori said, “You must find the work that satisfies your spirit.” The “work” of Montessori-inspired play kits encourages this approach to joyful learning, supporting children as they flourish and grow in each stage of development.

At Aspiring Montessori, we provide play kits and Montessori furniture that continually meet the child, right where they are, inviting them to soar.

We have always had a passion for working with parents, caregivers, and children. Together we bring our 28+ years of experience working in Montessori, including owning and operating two successful Montessori schools. We are delighted to support parents in implementing Montessori at home.

- Rosie and Tara,

Mission Statement

To encourage the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori philosophy, cultivating independent thought and foundational skills as well as awareness of their environment; empathy for others; social ease and confidence.

To establish within a child the intellectual, emotional, and physical rigor needed to become a self-directed learner, flexible thinker, creative problem solver, and support their ever-increasing curiosity about the world in which they live.

To help our children grow up to be successful global citizens.

Our products are guided by the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in its daily practice and experiences for children. This philosophy inspires the development of individual children in a safe, supportive, culturally-diverse environment that gives them the freedom to explore, discover, cooperate, create, and become independent thinkers.

We believe:

  • learning is natural and should be both challenging and a fun part of life
  • children are active learners
  • parents are facilitators and guides
  • the community is an extension of learning and the environment
  • the environment is determined and extended by the developmental and individual needs, interests, and cultural background of the children
  • learning is spiral with depth and breadth
  • skills and knowledge are gained through discovery and experience