At Aspiring Montessori we assist parents and caregivers by providing the best educational start for their children. So much of a child's learning and developmental experiences occur naturally in environments where they feel safe, secure and comfortable. A great deal of this learning and developing occurs in the home, and creating your home for this natural and instinctual learning to occur is crucial to their overall success.

Current Brain research and studies continue to support the importance of creating early foundations of learning for children to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally.

We believe in the importance of educating parents/caregivers on how to be aware of different developmental phases of learning in order to maximize their children’s brain development. Thus, parents/caregivers become their child’s best first teacher. Children must feel they are contributing to their family's rhythm and pace.

Children need a space that is developmentally appropriate for their size and perspective without compromising the family home and overtaking the adult environment. An appropriate environment can be created in your home that will help to create an effortless, purposeful and successful space within your "whole" home. Using the proven Montessori Method, curriculum and philosophy, we provide at-home or on-site direct guidance and support during the early critical period of child development from birth to 6 years of age.

Our support and services encourage children to develop a love of learning through individually designed “hands-on” activities. Our activities are designed with the needs of families in mind and support vital curriculum areas such as Language and Math. Our services are affordable and accessible. Our success is due to the attention we give to the needs of our clients by helping their children benefit from early educational activities to help them reach their full potential.