“Time to soar” - Montessori play kit 5 (ages 28 months to 31 months)

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Level five helps with large and fine motor coordination, along with indirectly preparing the child for abstract mathematical concepts. Your child will be introduced to practical life activities that build on focus coordination and concentration.

Each Box on a Subscription Plan will be billed and delivered every 3 months.

What it Includes:

  1. Pink Tower - the child's first experience with the decimal system and cubing of numbers, the pink tower introduces the concept of size in three dimensions
  2. Water Pouring - supports the development of self-care skills with glasses and pitchers for pouring liquids
  3. Pink Tower Stand - supports the young child's need for order with a specific 'home' for the Pink Tower
  4. Activity Mat - provides a designated workspace for activities done on the floor
  5. Large Button Dressing Frame - offers a consistent environment for practicing the challenging activity of learning to fasten buttons.