“Time to observe” - Montessori play kit 3 (ages 20 months to 23 months)

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Level three helps discern between the various primary colours along with the vocabulary associated with them. This level also helps the child develop refinement of their ability to differentiate differences in size and shape. They will also be introduced to care of self-lessons.

Each Box on a Subscription Plan will be billed and delivered every 3 months.

What it Includes:

  1. Coloured Disks on Three Dowels - introduces color names and color matching, refines fine motor skills
  2. Three Circle Puzzle - develops the concept of size
  3. Colour Box 1 - introduces the primary colors
  4. Velcro Dressing Frame - develops grasp and fine motor skills needed for self-care
  5. Water Blocks - supports the exploration of color and shape