The montessori adjustable weaning chair & table set

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The main benefit of the Montessori Weaning Chair and Table is learning to become independent and self-directed. It allows the child to have autonomy over themselves and discover how good it feels to be able to do things independently.

Children are very imitative, particularly at an early age. It means a lot to them when they get to do something just like mommy and daddy do, and meal and snack times are no exception. It helps make them feel like they’re a part of the household, and not set apart in their little world of high chairs. The weaning table allows children to eat at their own pace, direct their own feeding, and learn the fine motor skills required to manipulate and hold their food and utensils.

Of course, the weaning table isn’t just for mealtimes. It’s a convenient little space for your child to play or relax independently. Don’t be surprised if that little table becomes a space for crafts, colouring, or simply to enjoy looking through a book.