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    About Us

    We (Rosie and Tara) created
    Aspiring Montessori to help parents feel confident that they are giving their little ones just what they need for joyful learning and skill development every step of the way.

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    Our Mission

    To encourage the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori philosophy, cultivating independent thought and foundational skills as well as awareness of their environment.

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    We believe

    • Children are active learners.
    • Parents are facilitators and guides.
    • Learning is natural and should be both challenging and a fun part of life.
    • Learning is spiral with depth and breadth.


we assist parents and caregivers by providing the best educational start for their children.

So much of a child's learning and developmental experiences occur naturally in environments where they feel safe, secure and comfortable. A great deal of this learning and developing occurs in the home, and creating your home for this natural and instinctual learning to occur is crucial to their overall success.

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